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We kick off the 2024 program Monday February 19th You can join the program by completing this expression of interest form. We will then be in contact to link you in.


About GameChanger Girls

Esports Community for 10 to 15 year olds

We are creating a safe space for experimentation, design, innovation and sharing for a global community of girls. At the conclusion of  the first pilot of this program, we asked the girls where they wanted to go with this program. They said, very loudly, that they wanted to play other games designed by girls, to get to know other girl game designers and players about the world and to feel part of a community.

GameChanger Girls (and Allies) is an esports program for girls aged 10 -15 years old. We invite girls curious about game design and play (not esports necessary) to form clubs and join the community. The major difference in is this esports league to many others is that our teams design the games that we compete over..  


Once again for Year 5&6 of schooling we will are also supporting teams in the Dell sponsored Girls Who Game program, where girls in teams will design an interactive program or game to meet a world challenge. Last year one of our teams placed 2nd in the People's Choice Awards.

This year we have the opportunity to sponsor competitor teams in live FUSE Cup Minecraft Tournaments as well as support team entries into the global Games for Change Student Game Challenge.

Whether Girls Who Game or GameChangers, the girls design interactive games and projects in Minecraft. For our esports program, we play each other’s games, then the girls all vote and the game or games deemed “most playable” become the focus of our tournament. In tournament mode we battle over the game or games chosen to identify our champions.


We will kick off our first online tournament of the year starting International Women's Day March 8th.


We want to focus on 4 championship areas:

  1. Community Engagement Award (ranked on engagement in our Flip community)

  2. Game Design Award (voted by community playtesters)

  3. Tournament Awards (battle it out in the game/s)

  4. Grand Champion Award (points earned across all three aspects).


If you are interested in joining GameChangers or Girls Who Game please complete this Expression of Interest Form and we will send you further information.


GameChanger Girls is proudly supported and sponsored by Dr Bron Stuckey and Innovative Educational Ideas.

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