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Review the Current 2024/1 Schedule

  • REGISTRATION: We have introduced rolling registrations for clubs. You can join in a play test, voting or tournament phase and use that to consider the kind of game you want to design at the start of the next round. Or start in the game design phase and get inspiration from the games from our growing game repository.

    2024 will kick off with an online tournament March 8th -24th playing the winning student-designed game of 2023. Joining at this time will be a great opportunity for students to get inspiration their your own team design.

  • DESIGN PHASE: Game design can start at any time as teams work towards the next playtest and tournament phase. Dates for the end of the next design phase of activity for the 2023 are coming soon. The first  tournament phase of 2023 is in February.

  • PLAYTEST PHASE: Playtest rounds follow design and are where we ll play test and vote on game designs and decide tournament game/games. All teams, whether entering a game or not, are invited to playtest and vote for their favourites.

  • TOURNAMENT PHASE: The second 2024 Tournament Championships begin the week beginning August 5th and an opportunity for a live tournament at EduTECH August 13 & 14 2024! All GameChangers are welcome to compete whether they have entered a completed game or just starting in the program.

Tools We Use

Minecraft Education Edition

The main design tool for GameChanger Girls 2022 is Minecraft Education Edition. It is available for all devices.

Other tools will be considered if they are preferred tools for the GameChangers. Watch out for other options in 2023!

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