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Updated: Oct 24, 2022

Join in as much or as a little of the program as works for you and your girls. We would love for all our teams to design a minigame and playtest each other’s games. The competition becomes the icing on this cake.

The key stages for the program are below and we onboard new teams at each stage:

PHASE: Team and Game Idea Building

  • Get your teams established

  • Start introducing them team, create team skins and trophy ideas in FlipGrid

  • Play some recommended games and build ideas.


PHASE: From Game Design to Tournament

  1. Design your own game suitable for an esports competition that our girls and allies would want to play.

  2. Pitch your game by sharing pitch videos

  3. Vote on “Most Playable Game”

  4. Start rounds in the tournament playing the game/s voted most playable.

  5. Celebrate in our community and award prizes S

We use 3 main tools for this program:

  1. Minecraft Education Edition is used for design and play. Your students will design and play in their own tenancy for the early weeks. We do have accounts to share for our tournament when we make a start.

  2. Flip for student team communication and sharing. You will be added to the Flip space as a co-pilot and can then register each of your students. We ask that you follow our protocols to ensure students have a presence but do not share too much of their identity. There will be several fun onboarding activities for your students to jump straight into including:

    • · Introductions

    • · Team skin designs

    • · GameChangers 2022 trophy design

Students can respond in any media, by recording themselves and/or narrating from within a Minecraft build using FlipGrid. This should be a fun collaborative and supportive space that the girls feel is very much their own. 3. GameChangers Team space for teachers. You will be added to the community and should pop in and introduce yourself and your teaching context. The Program Overview and FlipGrid space are linked in the community space.

If you are interested in joining GameChanger Girls please complete our Expression of Interest Form and we will send you further information.

GameChanger Girls is proudly supported and sponsored by Dr Bron Stuckey and Innovative Educational Ideas.

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